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New Informational Technology for controlling the process of the technoevolution

S.A. Dadunashvili,

Georgian Technical University Tbilisi


We have considered the innovational creative activity defining the progress of the technoevolution and expressing itself in developing of the patents. It has been showed that patent fund – is the system that has the fully definite structure, developing according to its own rules in informational space. Based on the discovered regularities is offered the expert system allowing to activate the informational resources of the society.

Theory of the technoevolution introduces us to the world of the new perpetual creation, to the world of the constant transformations. This theory is not for destroying the structures, but for their evolution, progressing complexion and perfection by the way of diversity of the kind features and attributes of the technical objects.

The most operatively and securely, the changes in the world of technical objects – technosphere, are reflected by the patent information. Patent fund includes the enormous, but final number of the elements. At the same time with the beginning of this fund, it expresses such characteristic categories, as: space and time evolutions, birth and dying down.

Patent Fund – is the system that has very much defined structure, developing according to its own rules in informational space. The margins of the informational space are defined by the natural system of the classification, with the assistance of which is possible to unanimously define the location of any patent and fragment of the fund’s structure.

Principles of forming the fund structure in informational space are due to such developments of informational processes, such as developing of the steady clusters and whirl flows, also with coordination and division of patents on hierarchy levels.

Moving the information in informational space characterizes the evristical step. Every such step is due to evristical occasion – creation of the patent, creative generation of which is carried out by the inventor. Together with this patent is strictly evaluated by experts and fixed on the information carrier. Movement of the information in the structure is carried out through the channels of information transmission. Through them is translated the data about important features from one patent to another. Any transmission of the information about the important features in informational space could be considered as an informational flow – sum total of actualized channels of information transmission.

The specialty of transmitting the information is that channel of transmission is used only once. The next transmission is possible only through the new channel, formed in limits of informational flow. At the same time the “distance” of the transmission of information from one point of informational space to another talks about the level of evristicality of this process.

The patent fund can be considered as a product of the “integral intellect”, because it is created by the number of inventors and experts. Due to this, we can expect to discover their new fundamental regularities which need for their description new universal language.

It turned out, that the meaning of these fundamental regularities is in objective existence of the virtual structures – special kind of “nets” where exist the origins of the born patents. Different from the cause-consequent connections, this “net” has the totally different nature and expresses the most adequately the wholeness of the integral systems, particularly of the patent fund. Due to the virtual being, this “net” is not visual and that’s why to discover it is possible by regular behavior of the integral system in it. Such regularities allow the experimental check.

In the considered case has been processed the formal model of creating the invariants defining the “net”. In order to do this has been studied the elementary bi-component “cell”. Acting law in this “cell” for keeping absolute meanings of members of wholeness equation, allowed to solve the analytical equation with the searched invariants. The received sequence of invariants expresses in quantity form the environment as consequent points of the researched processes.

The whole has a definite scale “net” for ordering of its parts. “Net” of knots, symmetrically and unlinearly distributed between pluses of the whole is product of geometry of the whole, because it exists independently from existence or lack of the substrate in it, which only discovers it, distributing in the whole by this or that way.

As a substrate, in the considered case, is taken the contents of the patent fund. There are the annual reports about the inventor activity, which are structured by countries-generators and thematic sphere. By accepting the big number of such data within 10 years, has been conducted the monitoring of the Patent fund structure. The important feature of behavior of the integrated in it clusters of patents is the descend to the lower levels of the considered “net” and tendency to the definite invariant. This tendency can be interpreted as a developing of the “cell” metric, which in the role of the form carries out the organizational function. The regularity of such tendency points to the objectiveness of existence of the virtual transforming structure.

Representing the result product of the collective human activity, the Patent fund with its static parameters and dynamics can act as a criterion of optimization of vital activity of “integral intellect” in the sphere of innovation birth.

The computer support of the intellectual activity of evolving the innovations is in fast realization of the cycle of model structuring, their analysis, evaluation. Together with this, increasing the level of its systematization, integrity, follows the processing of the partial fragment knowledge. The priority of the offered expert system is in possibility of using the “unclear knowledge” about the discovered specialties of the patent fund as a big system.

The created system has the flexibility and adequacy of the reality, because it combines the processes of modeling and solving and allows to optimize several criteria at the same time. The Indefiniteness arousing during the work is eradicated by the way of agreement of the different criteria with driving the user. Together with this is used his present outer-model information.

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