XVI International Symposium of Sciences

Volgadonsk, Russia 20-22 april, 2007.

Invitation - Agenda

1. Planetary consciousness of Goddess. Human genesis. Intellect of earthly civilization in the context of the international existence and Russian thought.

2. Reconstruction of Natural Sciences symbiosis of Knowledge and Co-knowledge in the present-day re-organization of an individual into an INDIVIDUAL. From an individual according to the knowledge, to an individual according to the co-knowledge. Human capital of the society. Super-competence. Phenomenal self-organization of the corpus, the soul, the spirit, the consciousness, the thought, and the creativity.

3. Educational and world-conceptional foundation of the existence. Innovational societal and educational technology. Experimental schools for the creation of an individual and a citizen, and teachers of a new formation. Stereotyping.

4. Human reliability in the nuclear world. Atomic intellect. Securing the power supply to the world. Human factor in the natural and gene-technological catastrophies.

5. Overcoming diseases and defective patterns of the individual and social intellect on the way to harmony and security. Biological resonance. Knowledge of the individual and knowledge of the society.

6. Cosmic planetary stereotype of an individual and human sphere Intellect of the Universe. The Intellect of the Universe. Beau Sauvage. Subspacial collaboration of the world. Bio-energy balance of the open system in the unified physical space.

7. Medical-biological aspects of harmonization of the health of the human genome. Linguistic genetics. Medicine and biophysics for the health. Nutrition. Rejuvenation and renewal of life resources. Longevity.

8. Economic Technique. Econometry. Free Energy. Network Informatics. RFID. Nano- and pico-technology. Fringe Projects. Intellectual Resources.

9.Scientifically humanistic and natural principles for the spiritually Intellectual interaction of social intellects. Conscious conduct. Transformation of the objective reality

10. Scientific paradigms of stable self-organization of life. Stability of life. Confirmation of life. Guarantee of life. Creation of life.

The participation procedure  (participants requisites, brief annotation, scientific works and publications, participation form); thesis on diskette and in printed version up to the beginning of the symposium. Annotation in Russian and English. List of contributions to the treasury of world knowledges (presentation) in two languages for world registration, certification and patenting. Participation: direct and by correspondence. Order for  publication  in lectures digest, CD and DVD. Addresses, contacts: P.O.Box 1264, Volgodonsk-20, Rostov region, 347380, Russia; tel/fax:+7(86392) 65484;


Organizer and Coordinator of the Agenda N.I. Bakumtsev

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