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Every day the Web gains more importance for consumers and corporations alike. However, while access to Web-based networks brings tremendous value, the number one complaint among Web users is how long it takes to download Web pages. Whether those pages are delivered from informational Web sites or enterprise applications, the delays are unacceptable.

Throwing bandwidth at the problem will not help significantly. Slow Web pages are caused by a combination of distance between users and servers, and congestion of heavily trafficked networks beyond the control of any one organization.

The only possible solution for fast Web page response time is to move the data closer to end users. Network caching, which stores fresh copies of the most frequently requested Web objects near groups of users, can deliver Web pages with the same response time people have come to expect from traditional applications.

Within the scope of my degree work, I designed and implemented a caching proxy server that handles HTTP traffic. The proxy features:

The application is implemented in Java, and as such it benefits from cross-platform portability.

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